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Welcome to DFN Terminplaner+

DFN Terminplaner+ is a service for simple surveys or polls and for scheduling meetings.

Four versions available


The plain DFNTerminplaner offers core functionality without user login and permits fully anonymous use.

DFNTerminplaner+ (this version)

DFNTerminplaner+ offers more functions, e.g. alerts for the poll creator and additional reply options such as 'maybe'. A user account is required to create a poll.

DFNTerminplaner 3.0

DFNTerminplaner 3.0 offers a redesigned user interface and expanded reply options (yes/no or yes/no/maybe). In addition, groups enable efficient inviting of several persons at once. Poll creators can log into DFNTerminplaner 3.0 via DFN-AAI.

DFN Terminplaner 4.0

A new version is available since October. That new version will replace this one as well as all previous versions soon. You can find it at: https://terminplaner4.dfn.de The entirely rewritten code offers a new user interface as well as support for a lot of frequently asked features. There is no need for user accounts anymore, a valid e-mail adress is all thats required to use it. The creator of a poll will receive an admin link to his poll. Aditional features include: Easy editing of votes, Deputy votes, Anonymous polls, Maximum limits and Password protected access.

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